Recommended articles on all subjects:

The Roaring Silence: A Critical Commentary on Søren Mau’s Mute Compulsion, by Richard Hunsinger

MMIWG2S+ and the Failure of Policing, by Nickita Longman

Shortcut to the Absolute, by James Crane

Untenable History, by Carolyn Nakamura

On the Question of Allies, by Zig-Zag

Another Word for Settle: A Response to Rattachements and Inhabit

The Reproduction of Daily Life, by Fredy Perlman

Value Theory, by Anton Pannekoek

38, written and read by Layli Long Soldier

Trancestry: Aiyyana Maracle (1950–2016), by Arielle Twist

Sexual sovereignty, by Adrienne Huard and Jacqueline Pelland

The Optics of the Language: How Joi T. Arcand Looks with Words, by Billy-Ray Belcourt

Calling Badger and the Symbols of the Spirit Language: The Cree Origins of the Syllabic System, by Winona Stevenson

Covid-19, the Numbered Treaties & the Politics of Life, by Gina Starblanket and Dallas Hunt

The Space NDN’s Star Map, by Lou Cornum

Burial Ground Acknowledgements, by Lou Cornum

American History, by Lou Cornum

Desiring the Tribe, by Lou Cornum

The Creation Story is a Spaceship, by Lou Cornum

How First Nation fire wisdom is key to megafire prevention

UNDRIP’s fundamental flaw, by Hayden King

Reforming child welfare first step toward reconciliation, by Cindy Blackstock and Sébastien Grammond

The revolution will be translated, by Jane Shi

Wet’suwet’en Strong: Who are the Indigenous artists on the front lines of the land defence and protest rallies for Wet’suwet’en?, by Lindsay Nixon

Inuit Statement of Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders

Solidarity Statement: Asians in Support of Wet’suwet’en Jurisdiction and Governance

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) Resource Guide, by the Lakota People’s Law Project

Violence Against Indigenous Women, by Warrior Publications

The Approaching Obsolescence of Housework: A Working-Class Perspective, by Angela Davis

The Gendered Circuit: Reading The Arcane of Reproduction, by Maya Gonzalez

The Logic of Gender: On the Separation of Spheres and the Process of Abjection, by Maya Gonzalez and Jeanne Neton

Abjection and Abstraction: An Interview with Maya Gonzalez and Jeanne Neton

Communization and the Abolition of Gender, by Maya Gonzalez

Notes on the New Housing Question, by Maya Gonzalez

Patriarchy and Commodity Society: Gender without the Body, by Roswitha Scholz

To Abolish the Family, by ME O’Brien

The Democratic State: Critique of Bourgeois Sovereignty, by Karl Held and Audrey Hill

A Contribution to the Critique of Political Autonomy, by Gilles Dauvé and Karl Nesic

Afro-Blue Notes: The Death of Afro-pessimism (2.0)?, by Greg Thomas

The American Worker, by Paul Romano and Ria Stone (Grace Lee Boggs)

The Conference in London, by Anselmo Lorenzo

Commodity Fetishism, by Fredy Perlman

Against Quarantine, How responses to the new corona virus territorialize disease and capitalize on a virus, by Angela Mitropoulos


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Yellowhead Institute

Indigenous Action

Winnipeg Police Cause Harm

Saskatchewan Manitoba Alberta Abolition Coalition

Midnight Sun Magazine

Work Safe Twerk Safe

Parkdale Organize

Encampment Support Network – Toronto

Keep Your Rent – Toronto

Sqeq’petsin (For clean water and healthy salmon) | Secwepemc Say No TMX

Blockade Defense:
Solidarity with all folks facing charges in the anti CGL pipeline struggle

Choosing Real Safety: a Historic Declaration to Divest from Prisons and Policing and Build Safer Communities


Red Rising Magazine

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Media Indigena

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Ganienkeh Territory

âpihtawikosisân: Law, Language, Culture

kâ-pimotêt aski-iskwêw (Walking Earth Woman)

The People and the Text (Indigenous Writing to 1992)

Shekon Neechie (Indigenous history)

Dibaajimowin (Storytelling)

Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty

Finding Cleo (CBC)
A Cree family’s search for their missing sister Cleopatra Semaganis Nicotine and attempts to uncover why she and her five siblings were taken into government care in the early 1970s and adopted into non-Indigenous families in Canada and the United States

Prole Info

Prole Wave


Hic Salta – Communisation

Elephant Editions

Robert Graham’s Anarchism Blog

Graphic History Collective

Active History – Indigenous History

Indigenous women speak on the John Graham, Leonard Peltier and Anna Mae Pictou Aquash cases (2005-2007)

John Graham Defense Committee

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee