Land Back

Fish-in, pacific northwest, 1971 (source didn’t provide a better description)

Primary documents from the movement

Tecumseh’s speech to Governor Harrison at Vincennes, Indiana Territory (August 12, 1810)

The Sea-Serpent – Tekahionwake (1911)

Six Nations appeals to the League of Nations, 1922-31

Racism and Culture – Frantz Fanon (1956)

The Pitfalls of National Consciousness – Frantz Fanon (1961)

The Indian Claims Commission is illegal, unjust and criminal – Karoniaktajeh (1965)

The Last Indian War – Janet McCloud (1966)

Is the Trend Changing? – Laura McCloud (1969)

Proclamation of the Indians of All Tribes at Alcatraz (1969)

Native Alliance for Red Power – Eight Point Program (1969)

What is the New Breed? (1969)

We Have Endured, We Are Indians – Pit River Indian Council (1970)

Capitalism, the Final Stage of Exploitation – Lee Carter (1970)

Métis Women Against the “Adopt Indian and Métis” Program – Phyllis Trotchie, Nora Thibodeau & Vicki Racette (1971)

Trail of Broken Treaties 20-Point Position Paper (1972)

The Need for a Revolutionary Struggle – Howard Adams (1972)

The Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy stands in support of our brothers at Wounded Knee (1973)

The Truth About the Anicinabe Park Occupation of 1974 – Linda Finlayson

“When People Are Calling, You Go” – The first hand account of Eetsah, an Indigenous woman who took part in the Native Peoples Caravan (1974)

Maria Campbell’s speech to the Native Peoples Caravan in Toronto (1974)

Ganienkeh Manifesto (1974)

The Dene Declaration (1975)

I Believe in the Laws of Nature – Anna Mae Pictou Aquash’s Statement to the Court of South Dakota (1975)

Cultural Genocide, Intentionally Planned – Rose Bishop (1975)

The Form of the Struggle For Liberation – Howard Adams (1975)

The Brave-Hearted Women: The Struggle at Wounded Knee – Shirley Hill Witt (1976)

Palestinians and Native People are Brothers – Native Study Group (1976)

Gitksan-Carrier [Wet’suwet’en] Declaration (1977)

Spiritualism: The Highest Form of Political Consciousness – Akwesasne Notes (1978)

The Red Path and Socialism – ᐊᓯᓂ Vern Harper (1979)

Marxism from a Native Perspective – John Mohawk (1981)

Traditional Indian Government: Of the People, by the People, for the People – Marie Smallface-Marule (1984)

No Surrender – Howard Adams on the Oka Crisis (1990)

How to Become an Activist in One Easy Lesson – Joe Tehawehron David (1991)

Thoughts on the Constitution and Aboriginal Self-Government – Howard Adams (1992)

Challenge to Colonized Culture – Howard Adams (1995)

Whose Land is It? – Interview with Wolverine (1997)

What is the Meaning of Sovereignty? – Sharon H. Venne (1998)

What is the Native Youth Movement? (2002)

Indigenous Intifada: Federal MP Compares Natives to Palestinians (2002)

No More! On the blockade at Grassy Narrows – Chrissy Swain (2004)

Colonization and Decolonization – Warrior Publications (2006) (PDF)

We need to return to the principles of Wahkotowin – Maria Campbell (2007)

Audio interview with Wade Crawford from Six Nations of the Grand River (2010)

‘Land is a Relationship’: In conversation with Glen Coulthard on Indigenous nationhood (2015)


Gidimt’en Yintah Access

Unist’ot’en Camp

Protect the Tract: Haldimand Tract Moratorium

Ganienkeh Territory

Warrior Publications

Recommended Reading:

The Wretched of the Earth, by Frantz Fanon

Behind the Trail of Broken Treaties: An Indian Declaration of Independence, by Vine Deloria Jr.

Bobbi Lee Indian Rebel, by Lee Maracle (+ I Am Woman; Memory Serves; My Conversations with Canadians)

The One-and-a-Half Men: The Story of Jim Brady and Malcolm Norris, by Murray Dobbin

Halfbreed, by Maria Campbell

Prison of Grass; Tortured People, by Howard Adams

Following the Red Path, by ᐊᓯᓂ Vern Harper

The Fourth World, by George Manuel

The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book, by Gord Hill

The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book, by Gord Hill

Red Skin, White Masks, by Glen Coulthard

Gord Hill’s anti-colonial, anti-fascist comics (2020)

An Anti-Colonial History of “British Columbia,” A graphic narrative of resistance – Gord Hill (2011)

unistoten ghill

elsipogtog COMICS_GORD-HILL-1

Timelines & Secondary Documentation:

Indigenous Resistance, 1960s to 2007 – Warrior Publications

War on the Coast: The Illegal Formation of British Columbia – Warrior Publications (PDF)

B.C. Native Blockades & Direct Action: from the 1980s to 2006 – Warrior Publications (PDF)

Oka Crisis, 1990, by Warrior Publications

Ts’Peten (Gustafsen Lake), 1995, by Warrior Publications

Ipperwash/Aazhoodena 1995, by Warrior Publications

Liberation from “That Vicious System”: Jim Brady’s 20th Century Métis Cooperatives and Colonial State Responses – Molly Swain

IdleNoMore in Historical Context – Glen Coulthard

The Fish-in Protests at Franks Landing – Gabriel Chrisman

Chronology of Oppression at Pine Ridge

Land Back: The matrilineal descent of modern Indigenous land reclamation

100 years of land struggle

Land as a social relationship

Links to 1492 Land Back Lane

From Six Nations of the Grand River to Tyendinaga (2006-2008)

Wet’suwet’en / Gitxsan / Haudenosaunee / Mi’gmaq Strong

Biological Warfare: Disease and Depopulation – Zig-Zag

Prisoner Resistance Across the Prairies

Sutikalh – It Takes a Whole Community to Stop a Ski Resort

Secwepemc History of Resistance

Mohawks Kick Cops Off Rez

Native Spirituality in Prisons

Palm Island Insurrection

The Unconquered Mapuche

Indigenous Uprisings in Ecuador

Indigenous Insurrections in Bolivia & Peru

Mining: Stealing the Land from Under Us

A Condensed History of Canada’s Colonial Cops

The Mexican People are Suited to Communism – Ricardo Flores Magón

The Pacification of the Yaqui – Librado Rivera

Documentary Films: