Recommended documents (published by other people) in PDF format for downloading and printing:

Another Word for Settle: A Response to Rattachements and Inhabit

B.C. Native Blockades & Direct Action – from the 1980s to 2006 (Warrior Publications)

War on the Coast – The Illegal Formation of British Columbia (Warrior Publications)

Colonization and Decolonization (Warrior Publications)

The Failure Of Federal Indigenous Healthcare Policy In Canada, by Mike Gouldhawke (edited and published by the Yellowhead Institute)

How do we solve Structural Racism? A 5X5 Review, by the Yellowhead Institute

Squatting in Vancouver – WOODSQUAT #53, 2002 (writing by M. Gouldhawke, newsletter designed and published by Friends of the Woodwards Squat)

Balaclava, Issue 8, 2010, Vancouver Media Co-op broadsheet, (Cheam article written by M. Gouldhawke under the pen name Oshipeya)

The Irradiated International, by Lou Cornum

Almighty Voice – Hear Our Words of Truth (A publication from the 1980s by the Native Brotherhood at Kent Institution, a federal prison in so-called British Columbia)

Everything must go! The abolition of value – Bruno Astarian and Gilles Dauvé

You Cannot Kill Us, We Are Already Dead – Algeria’s Ongoing Popular Uprising (Firestarter, 2004)

The Housing Monster (prole info)

Work Community Politics War (prole info)

Abolish Restaurants (prole info)

When Insurrections Die – Gilles Dauvé (prole info)

The Reproduction of Daily Life – Fredy Perlman (prole info)

The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism – Fredy Perlman (prole info)

Arguments from Errico Malatesta (prole info)

A Critique of Heinrich’s Value-Form Interpretation – Fred Moseley (June 2021)

Marx’s Abstract Theory of Value and Money – Fred Moseley (November 2020)

A Project of Liberation – Insurrectionary Anarchists of the Coast Salish Territories (2004)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Reports

Canada’s Residential Schools: The History, Part 1 Origins to 1939

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